This page calculates the live exchange rate for Fr. 100.00 Swiss Franc (CHF) to Euro (EUR) for Friday 9th of April 2021. On this exact moment the exchange of Fr. 100.00 Swiss Franc (CHF) can buy you € 90.80 Euro (EUR).


1 eur = 1,10004 chf Wir verwenden Marktmittelkurse Diese werden vom Mittelwert zwischen „Kauf-“ und „Verkaufs“-Kurs von globalen Währungsmärkten abgeleitet.

-0.0002. NOK/SEK. 1.0034. -0.0068 CHF/SEK. 9.2536. -0.0309. GBP/SEK.

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Currency Exchange Rates - International Money Transfer | Xe EUR 1 = CHF 1.109 0.0045(0.4%) Change from 25 March 2020 to 26 March 2021. Min (23 April 2020) 1.0511. Max (4 March 2021) 1.1114. Average.

Exchange Currency with Low Rates. Exchange Currency Converter; Travel cheatsheet. Currency I have CHF Swiss franc Currency. We Buy. We Sell. EUR Euro. 9.5505. 10.8995. USD United States dollar. 8.0405 0.4324. Exchange rates are displayed showing amount of SEK you pay/get for the foreign currency.

Compare money transfer services, compare exchange rates  Use our currency converter below to download historical exchange rates between Euro and Swiss Franc. Easy and free access to historical FX rates going back  We derive risk-neutral probability densities for future euro/Swiss franc exchange rates as implied by option prices. We find that the credibility of the Swiss franc floor  How much is 1 EUR in CHF? Convert 1 EUR toCHF with North Loop Converter. Track historical currency rates and live EUR conversion rates.

Online Euro to Swiss Franc converter, we use live exchange rates for the most accurate EUR-CHF exchange rates.

1 EUR = 1.1031 CHF 1 Euros = 1.1031 Swiss Francs The actual EUR-CHF rate(EUR 1 = CHF 1.1085) is at close quarters with its average value of the last 14 days (EUR 1 = CHF 1.1069). During the last two weeks, 1 EUR gave you on average 1.1069 CHF, the actual mid-market gives you 0.15% more. For a 500 EUR transfer, it would be the equivalent of 0.82 CHF more arriving on the other side.

Eur chf exchange rate

11.7086. -0.0685. THB/SEK. 0.2705. Här kan du se aktuella kurser för olika valutor och jämföra exempelvis aktuell dollarkurs (USD), eurokurs (EUR) och pundkurs (GBP) mot svenska kronor (SEK). The exchange rate is set on a transaction basis and can deviate from the rates shown in the table. Country | Currency | Buy | Sell | Date.
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Eur chf exchange rate

1 EUR to CHF Changes Changes % April 12, 2021: Monday: 1 EUR = 1.10 CHF +0.05 CHF +4.14%: April 12, 2020: Sunday: 1 EUR = 1.06 CHF-0.000050 CHF-0%: The value of 1 EUR in Swiss Francs for the year (365 days) increased by: +0.05 CHF (zero franc five centimes). 2021-04-11 · 1 EUR = 1.0822 CHF: EUR CHF rate for 28/11/2020: Friday 27 November 2020: 1 EUR = 1.0822 CHF: EUR CHF rate for 27/11/2020: Thursday 26 November 2020: 1 EUR = 1.0798 CHF: EUR CHF rate for 26/11/2020 USD US Dollar EUR Euro JPY Japanese Yen GBP British Pound CHF Swiss Franc CAD Canadian Dollar AUD Australian Dollar HKD Hong Kong Dollar Top 30 World Currencies Webmasters Add our free customizable currency converter and exchange rate tables to your site today. 2 dagar sedan · Historical Exchange Rates For Swiss Franc to Euro 0.899 0.905 0.911 0.917 0.923 0.929 Dec 13 Dec 28 Jan 12 Jan 27 Feb 11 Feb 26 Mar 13 Mar 28 120-day exchange rate history for CHF to EUR Quick Conversions from Swiss Franc to Euro : 1 CHF = 0.90920 EUR 1 CHF = 0.91 EUR at the rate on 2021-04-12. The page provides data about today's value of one franc in Euros. The interactive form of the currency calculator ensures navigation in the actual quotations of world currencies according to “Open Exchange Rates” and displays the information in a graph.

Get all the other Currency pair of NGN EUR indicates that how much Nigerian Naira costs in Euro currency unit. EUR/CHF · 1 EUR/CHF, 1.08. Exchange Currency with Low Rates.
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Get access to 20+ years of euro to Swiss franc exchange rates, broken down by daily, weekly and monthly periods. Ready to transfer? Register below. REGISTER 

ISO Code is BIF and symbol of Burundian Franc is FBu. Today BIF to UZS exchange rate is  NGN to EUR exchange rate is also available for calculation as pocket guide for foreign markets. Get all the other Currency pair of NGN EUR indicates that how much Nigerian Naira costs in Euro currency unit.